It relies on WordPress Playground to provide a playground where you can try out our inseri core plugin and explore (inspect and even edit) all our showcases.

Where to start? Have a look at Getting Started and try our Hello world tutorial.

More about interactive and executable online content using inseri

There are two perspectives:

  • as a visitor: try our Showcase section. You will become familiar with the experience that you can also provide to your page visitors;
  • as an editor: install inseri-core plugin to your website, or try out our plugin in your inseri Playground (don’t hesitate to consult our Documentation). You will become familiar with the experience of building interactive and executable online content.

⚠️ All your changes are private and gone after a page refresh. If you want to save and restore your changes please read here.

Do you want to be an early adopter? Feel free to contact us.